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Who We Are

Who We Are

Providers of Expert Economics Consulting to Businesses

True Economist provides advisory, research and consultancy services to individuals and corporate clients on global, regional and domestic economic trends. We focus on the pursuit of economic hard truths to empower clients to anticipate, prepare and respond to changing economic trends, as well as formulate appropriate business and investment growth strategies.

Led by a team of experienced true economists, we deliver services of the highest quality, while always focused on the clients’ requirements.

We provide the following economics services:

Economic Research Reports: We publish quarterly reports featuring in-depth analysis and insights into current global, regional and domestic economic trends and developments. We also publish an annual overview of the economic trends and developments in the previous year.

Customized Business Reports: We offer customized business reports, tailored specifically to the needs of the client. This report is done in consultation with the client, so as to meet the specific investment needs of the client.

Consulting Services: We offer economic advisory and consultancy services to clients, driven by rigorous economics analysis and sectorial knowledge, to formulate appropriate business and investment growth strategies.